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Guide to Structure

While the content requirements are free form so up to the Ingredientia community, there are some key elements that are useful. Basically these are those elements that (a) answer our core 3 questions, and (b) provide evidence for the content.

As an example of useful content, look at chickpeas. This page has been protected only to prevent vandalism that might make us looking stupid in using this page as a standard.

This contains:

Heading 1: Page Title with Capitalised initial letter

Core content, which is succinct, includes images that show what the Ingredientia looks like. Also the content describes the colours, shape and flavours of the chickpeas, together with links to other pages within the wiki that cross reference.
There is a brief description of how to prepare them.

Heading 2: 3 recipes

Restricted list of useful and relevant recipes. More than one, but not too many to stop it become a never ending list.

Heading 3: Storage

Heading 4: References

These should be relevant to content and only used if needed.

Heading 5: Further reading

This guides readers to additional useful content. These can be more useful that references for staple products where the knowledge is held in society rather than being too controversial.


Additional ways of organising the data in the wiki. These should always include links to the Index, which uses alphabetical sorting rather than the natural taxonomy used for the core wiki structure.

These are guides and contributors are free to decide how best to provide relevant and useful information on food and drink Ingredientia.

Stages in Building a Page

As above, all contributors can create pages how they wish. To help contributors to get started though, this is one way of building a page:

  1. Create page via internal link from another page in Ingredientia
  2. Create headers
  3. Create core content
  4. Create storage information
  5. Add internal and external links
  6. Add Further Reading
  7. Add image
  8. Add References
  9. Add Recipes' links
  10. Edit
  11. Read Discussion, discuss, then edit again