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Rose Blossom Water, Rose Water or Eau de Rose is properly made through a steam distillation of classic Persian damask rose blossom using 1.2 - 1.4 kg of rose petals per kilo of water. The rose water is made through two distillations: the first goes through the still on this rough 1:1 mixture; the second distillation is through a cohabating column that enriches the distillate by ten times, effectively you go down from 1000 kg of primary distillate to 100 kg. Cohobation is more energy efficient and allows greater enrichment without compromising the complexity of the ingredients in the rose water.

Some commercial rose waters are really just manufactured mixes of various chemicals, a bit of rose oil and some flavours; these should be avoided as a chemical aberration.

Rose blossom water is a clear liquid with a delicate floral, rose aroma and flavour.

Rose blossom water is delicious with all puddings, especially milk-based puddings - ice cream, fruit salads, chocolate puddings - or infuse into a sugar syrup for pouring over fruits. You can also use rose water to add something vital to milk-poached pudding grains like barley or even your morning porridge, or mix into cream for whipping or pouring over fresh fruit.

Tip: add rose blossom water to chocolate icing for some heady, otherworldliness as a twist to your cupcake frosting. Another trick is to soak raisins or sultanas overnight in rose blossom water then use in a fruit cake or mix through.

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