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Quark is similar to cottage cheese, but is more acidic in taste and sold in a solid-packed mass. Quark is a German cheese. Like cottage cheese it is a skimmed milk cheese. Speisequark contains more fat and is sold plain or mixed with fruit. Rahmfrischkäse has additional cream, while Doppelrahmfrischkäse had the highest fat content at 85%, while Schichtkäse is made from curd layers.

Quark cheeses vary in the amount and type of starter used, and the use of rennet. Labfrischkäse is made with little or no starter, mainly rennet. In Austria, Topfen is a quark made with both skimmed milk and whole milk, plus is mixed with butter, eggs and spices.

Quark is regularly used in cooking and to accompany other dishes, for example is a classic with boiled new potatoes and ham. Quark is used in pastry and in recipes like quarksahnetorte, quarkschnitten and quark soufflé.

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