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Potatoes come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and are one of Ingredientia's storecupboard ingredients. Potatoes can be purple, lilac, spotted and striped. Some potato varieties are cultivate for particular properties, e.g. good storage, high yield or suitability for frying or roasting or mashing. Potatoes can be bought fresh, canned, dehydrated, mashed, diced, flaked, fried and deep-frozen, or ground into potato flour. Early varieties of potato include Arran Pilot and Red Craig's Royal. Main crop varieties include King Edward and Maris Piper. White potatoes are best for boiling and frying, with red potatoes better for roasting.

Some varieties of potato:

  • Craig Royal Red Potato: non-floury, white flesh. Craig Royal Red has a waxy texture that is best for frying and boiling
  • Cyprus New Potato: have a pleasant earthy taste when young. Do not need to be peeled. No good for mashing
  • Desiree Potato: similar to American Burbank Potato. Desiree is floury, excellent for baking and frying, and good for boiling and mashing.
  • King Edward Potato: Creamy white flesh that can be slightly yellow. Good all-round potato
  • Maris Peer Potato: medium firm, creamy white flesh. Maris Peer is great for boiling, but can also bve used in salads, fried and sautéed
  • Pentland Crown Potato: thin skinned, creamy white. Pentland Crown has a floury texture that is good for baking
  • Pentland Hawk Potato: firm with pale yellow, creamy texture flesh. All round potato that can be boiled, mashed and baked
  • Pentland Squire Potato: firm, white fleshed. All purposes potato that is good for all ways of cooking

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