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Blue Poppy Seeds are tiny deep blue balls that are used as a spice, mainly in baking.

Blue Poppy Seeds have little aroma except when you open a new bag when you get a waft of nutty, oily aromas, while the taste is a mild and slight nuttiness. Dry roasting or baking enhances its sweet and nutty flavour, so finding its way into Turkish halva and puddings with syrups and nuts.

Blue poppy seeds are usually used in baking, either through breads or sprinkled over the edge of bread or the outside of savoury or sweet biscuits. Blue poppy seeds are ground to a paste with honey or liquid sugar to fill strudels and other pastries. Blue poppy seeds are tasty added into vinaigrette or through salads to add an extra crunchy and nutty dimension to the salad leaves, and they can be sprinkled over courgettes and potatoes .

You can also get White Poppy Seeds. White poppy seeds are used in Indian cooking to add texture and flavour to sauces. White poppy seeds are less sweet than blue poppy, they are added to lentil and rice dishes, but not used as much for dessert recipes, and try dry roasting them to increase the flavour.

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