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Plums can be usually eaten fresh or used in jam making and for compotes to be served desserts. Plums are quite thick-skinned, often sour tasting even when ripe and sweet. Plums include many different varieties.

  • Bullace: Bullace is a type of plum related to the damson. Bullace is used mainly for jam.
  • Damson: damsons are a European plum, which cannot be eaten rate. Damsons are very dark skinned, thick skinned and tart to taste. Damson is ideal for preserves.
  • Greengage: greengages or Reine Claude are a plum with a yellowish-green skin. Greengages are very sweet and one of the best flavoured types of plum.
  • Mirabelle: mirabelle s a small golden-yellow plum. Mirabelle plums are best eaten stewed, made into jam. Mirabelle is also made into mirabelle liqueurs.
  • Sloe: sloes are very sour and inedible plums, Sloes can be distilled into a liqueur or used to flavoured gin - sloe gin.

Cooking plums tend to be acidic and have a juiceless flesh. Cooking plums include: Monarch, Pershore Egg, Pond's Seedling and Rivers' Early Prolific plum. These cooking plums are usually used in jams.

Overall, plums can be eaten fresh, and are available canned, dried and in jams.

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