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Pasta simply means "dough" and is a staple of Italy and part of Ingredientia's storecupboard ingredients. Pasta comes in two forms: pasta alimentari or dry pasta is manufactured and is sold in packages, and pasta all'uovo or fresh pasta made from flour and eggs. Pasta is made semolina flour and comes in many different shapes and sizes:

  • Cannelloni: pasta shaped as big pipes, so are large, hollow, cylindrical pasta shape, which is often stuffed and baked al formo
  • Conchiglie Rigate: pasta shaped as sea shells, either large or Conichiglie Piccole Rigate, i.e. small
  • Farfalle: pasta shaped as butterflies or bow-ties
  • Fusilli: pasta shaped like tiny springs
  • Lasagne: pasta shaped as a broad flat, ribbon pasta. Lasagne can be bought smooth, ridged or with ruffed edges and can be made from whole-wheat as well as white dough, and sometimes dyed green with puréed spinach
  • Macaroni: pasta shaped in elbow shapes
  • Penne: small or large tubes that are ribbed and cut as angles. Penne is widely available and part of Ingredientia's storecupboard
  • Ravioli: a pasta dumpling. Ravioli is a pasta that is square in shape and stuffed with a savoury meat mixture or spinach and ricotta cheese
  • Spaghetti: also known as vermicelli and means "little strings". Spaghetti is the well-known long strings
  • Spirale: pasta shaped as two lengths twisted together
  • Tagliatelli: 6mm-wide ribbon noodles from Bologna

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