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Onion is one of the core vegetables and is a must of your storecupboard ingredients. There are two general types: mild flavoured, or pungent; and tow shapes: globe and elongated. Popular varieties include the large Spanish varieties and Italian reds. Small-sized varieties are suitable for pickling onions. Green onions are young onions and include leeks, shallots, chives and scallions or spring onions.

  • Italian Red Onions: red onions are oblong is shape, mild tasting and often sweet. Red onions have an attractive colour and can be used raw as a garnish, but can become bitter if left out too long in the air after cutting. Rubbing with sumach reduces the tendency to bitterness and softens red onions.
  • Scallions or spring onions are used regularly in salads and in stir fries.
  • Shallots are used regularly in France, where their stronger taste is popular. Shallots can be coloured from grey through to pink, or golden-brown.
  • Yellow Onion: yellow onions are mild and keep well. Yellow onions can be eaten raw, boiled, steamed, braised, fried and used in many dishes from curries through to stews.

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