Olive Oil

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Olive Oil is the most expensive of oils in general. France, Greece, Italy and Spain are the main producers. Olives have a very high oil yield of 75-82%. There are two types of olive oil -

  • Virgin olive oil: virgin olive oil is from the pulp of high grade olives, is never deodorized or bleached.
  • Pure olive oil: the oil has been pressed from the pulp and kernels of lower-grade olives.

The best olive oils are cold-pressed from the fresh ripe olive fruit and are pale and clear yellow in colour, and odourless. The green olive oil is usually made from secondary pressings and with heat and is not usually of such good quality, plus it tends to smell rancid if left for too long. Cheaper olive oil is often blended with soybean or cottonseed oil.

Olive oil can be used for salads or for cooking and frying.

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