Muscovado Sugar

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Dark and Light Muscovado Sugar
Billington's Dark Muscovado Cane Sugar

Muscovado Sugar or Barbados Sugar is akin to Dark-Brown Sugar in the US. Muscovado sugar is a moist and soft, dark sugar comes from the last time that sugar can be extracted from the cane sugar liquor. So its crystals are tiny and about 6% by weight is molasses, which forms a sticky black coating on each crystal. Hence the feel is sticky and the crystals clump together, while its flavour has lots of molasses richness.

Muscovado Sugar is dark, intense and full of rummy, molasses flavours. Muscovado is fantastic for making rich dark chocolate cakes, festive fruit cakes and brownies or just rubbed onto ribs for slow-cooked ribs, or just sprinkled onto your yoghurt or fruit in the morning.

Light Muscovado is a lighter, golden coloured sugar with a lower molasses content than full-on muscovado sugar. Use light muscovado sugar for light or medium fruit cakes and puds for extra flavour in baking.

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