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Matcha or Mat-cha is a powdered Sencha tea from the Uji region and used for the Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha tea has a beautiful bright emerald green colour. Matcha has an astringent and almost seaweed-like flavour that takes getting used to. However, matcha is believed to be full of many excellent health properties and be packed full of antioxidants. [1] [2] Matcha tea is made very differently from normal green teas, being mixed into the warm water and drunk within the tea itself, rather than strained out. In a nutshell, match is made with cooled water at 70 - 80oC (158 - 175oF) and whisked into the water; use about 2 g per cup.

Matcha can also be used as an unusual flavouring for baking and in puddings, so matcha cupcakes and ice cream are amusing novelties[3] or you can use matcha as a superfood and add into your morning smoothie.


  • Water: 80oC (175oF)
  • Immediately beat the tea using the matcha whisk (chasen)

For a more detailed explanation, see how to make matcha tea and Japanese tea ceremony.

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