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Liver is a type of offal from animals, which includes:

  • Veal Liver: veal liver like kidneys is regarded as the finest quality and flavour of this type of offal. Veal liver should be finely sliced, grilled or fried briefly, otherwise it will harden.
  • Lamb Liver: more strongly flavoured than veal liver and less tender. However, lamb liver is still suitable for frying and grilling. Lamb liver is popular in the Middle East, spit-roasted and seasoned.
  • Beef Liver: beef liver is cheap, strongly flavoured, but relatively tough in texture. Beef liver is suitable for braising and stewing.
  • Pork Liver: pork liver is strongly flavoured and mainly used in charcuterie, where it is a key ingredient in pâtés.
  • Chicken Liver: smaller and more tender than those of the larger farmed animals and used often in charcuterie, where it is a key ingredient in chicken liver p&acurc;tés.

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