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Kidneys are one of the key types of offal. Kidneys come on various types:

  • Veal Kidneys: these are usually more tender than the others. In France, veal kidneys are used to make rognos saués au Madère, while in Belgium they are cooked with gin and juniper. In Britain, veal kidneys are essential to traditional steak and kidney pie.
  • Lamb Kidneys: lamb kidneys are stronger in flavour than veal kidneys, but less tender. The skin on the outside must be removed before cooking, then lambs kidneys may be broiled or fried.
  • Beef Kidney: this is stronger flavoured and rougher textured than veal kidneys. Beef kidney may be used in pies.
  • Pork Kidneys similar in look to lamb kidneys, pork kidneys are larger and have a stronger flavour. Pork kidneys can be grilled or used in stews.

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