Jasmine Tea

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Jasmine Tea is a Chinese tea. Jasmine tea is a green or white tea, infused with the aroma of freshly picked jasmine flowers. The tea leaves are spread out over trays in thin layers and then covered with jasmine flowers, so the tea leaves can take up the floral aromas from the flowers' essential oils.

Jasmine teas infuse to a clear yellow infusions, with a taste that is delicately floral fragrance had has a mild astringency.

There are many varieties of jasmine tea, with its pale, delicate liquor. The best leaf is 9301, an even sized large leaf with whole blossoms, or even better 904. Jasmine tea has some of the characteristics of green tea, but is more lightly fermented, so closer to white tea. The "specials" of jasmine tea include Chung Hao and Hung Feng, which both have long twists of leaf, and Jasmine Pearl tea, which are giant balls of individually rolled lea that unfurl when brewed. All are flavoured with the best young jasmine blossoms, picked when they are closed and put in with the tea as they open in the evening.

Jasmine tea is a great accompaniment for Asian, especially Chinese, food. It's actually a good digestive in general.


  • Quantity: 1 teaspoon (3 g) per cup or person
  • Water: 70oC (160oF)
  • Brew time: 4 - 5 minutes

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