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Jaggery or Gur is a raw version of coconut palm sugar.

Jaggery is moist and deep brown, with a complex flavour, often coming in a solid block like a tablet of molasses sugariness. Jaggery has a fudge-like taste, so will give you much more satisfaction than a white cane sugar. Jaggery is less sweet that cane and beet sugars.

Jaggery can be used like palm sugar, so substitute whenever muscovado sugar may be called for. Add jaggery to fruits for grilling or a fruit salad, or mix into whipped cream or custards. In India, jaggery is used to flavour vegetarian curries and added to hot milk drinks.

Keep jaggery wrapped and sealed and it will keep for ages. If your jaggery gets really rock-hard, cover it with a damp towel and leave it overnight, or scrape off a lump and add to water in a pan until you have a rich paste, which you can the use.

Substitute: use whenever you might use muscovado sugar and vice versa.

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