Ingredientia's Starting Point

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Ingredientia's begins with:

  1. Providing information on any ingredient for eating or drinking, on ways of cooking and our relationship with food and drink, without promotion of brands, chefs, products or foody fads. Anything discussed must be safe and legal. Don't market your or other's products, or think you're clever discussing something illegal or contributing in a rude or prejudiced manner.
  2. Articles should be practical and useful, answering our three core questions: (i) What does the ingredient look like? (ii) What does it taste like? (iii) How/when do I use it?
  3. Information must be honest and balanced. Linking to a workable recipe is often the best way of proving your point. Wherever assertions are made, they must be referenced to verifiable sources. However, much will be oral and such cultural knowledge which will not have "academic" references.
  4. Anyone and everyone can contribute information, and everyone's input is valued whatever your cultural background. However, no-one's input is sacrosanct, so don't be afraid about correcting or improving whatever has been written, or cross if what you have written has been changed. In the end, we're all human with all our flaws, but always be polite.
  5. There is no right way or wrong way, just your way.
  6. Don't waffle - oops!

The Concept Behind Ingredientia