How to Create and Edit Pages?

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Basic editing

Action What to do/type You get
To create a page Create an internal link from any other page (see below)
Internal link [[Name of page]] Name of page
Renamed page/aliased page [[Name of page|text you want]] text you want
Paragraphs Needs a space between the two paragraphs:





Bold Highlight words and click Bold icon above workspace Ingredientia
Italics Highlight words and click Italics icon above workspace Ingredientia
Bold Italics Highlight words, then click Bold and Italics icons above workspace Ingredientia
Underline <u>text</u> Ingredientia
* bullet
** second level bullet
*** third level bullet
Numbered list




===Level 2 text===
====Level 3 text ====
=====Level 4 text=====

Level 2 text

Level 3 text

Level 4 text
External link
Renamed external link [ Steenbergs] Steenbergs

For other things, the easiest is to have a separate version of the website open, then go to MediaWiki or the MediaWiki icon on bottom left of screen and then search.

More Wiki Markup

Main page: More Wiki Markup

Editing Guidelines

Main Page: Steenbergs Wiki:Editing Dos and Don'ts

The key in editing is to be bold in what you write, and to be succinct. So being concise, and writing with precision, are key.