How To Make Tea and Tisanes

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There are as many ways to make tea as there are people on this earth. However, water is key to your brew and has a big impact on the end flavour - hard water makes bad tea and if naturally soft water or rain water is not available, a soft mineral water can be used [1][2]. How to make it and drink it defines who you are. Indeed, if you live in Tibet or Ladakh in India, tea is made with butter for butter tea, so is more of a nourishing meal, then of course in Britain it is drunk with milk. In Burma, tea leaves are eaten as a relish called lepet.

But, in overview, you should [3]:

  1. Use freshly drawn water
  2. Use roughly 1 teaspoons of tea per cup or person (or see Bluffers Guide to Tea)
  3. Boil the water, then:
  1. For black tea, add 10 ml of milk.

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