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European-Style Cooking Methods

Cookery Methods


Meat, Fish & Shellfish

Vegetables, Pulses, Pasta, Eggs and Cheese

Desserts and Puddings

Baking, Breadmaking, Jams & Preserves, Sweets & Candies

Asian-Style Cooking Methods

Cooking In Water

Asian cooks use water to cook in two different ways - in water (boiling, simmering and poaching) and over water (open and closed steaming). Through adjusting temperature and cooking time, all kinds of ingredients can be cooked to perfection, from meat and fish through to vegetables and noodles.

Cooking In Oil

Asian cuisine uses oil more readily than in European and American cooking, however it is more cooking with oil than in as the quantities of oil used are usually relatively minimal. A complete meal can be cooked with a quick stir-fry, while deep-frying is used more for foods wrapped in paper or coated in batter. Shallow frying may be used for fish.


Cooking In A Sauce

Cooking In A Tandoor