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Horseradish is a vegetable that is used in condiments such as horseradish sauce. Horseradish has a strong, nose-clearing heat akin to a strong mustard. It is also used as a substitute for wasabe - purists say it cannot be substituted.

Horseradish's strong aroma and taste only arise when the root has been grated or scraped, because this break the cells down allowing two chemical to react and make a strong volatile oil like that in black mustard seeds.

Horseradish can be served cold as a sauce with cold meats - ham, roast beef or corned beef, or pork. Mix a little horseradish into tomato sauce or mayonnaise to add piquancy for serving with fish or seafood.

If using fresh horseradish, peel the root and then grate and mix with some sugar and vinegar - horseradish sauce. Add some cream to make it fancier. This creamed horseradish is lighter than the strong horseradish sauce and is good with cold meats and cooked steak and with smoked fish, especially eel, mackerel and smoked salmon or trout.

Alternatively, you can make Apfelkren, an Austrian condiment made with horseradish, grated apple and lemon juice.

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