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Hominy is whole dried dent corn without its yellow outer skin, and if in large pieces it is often called Samp.

Hominy is boiled or baked in water until the white grains are soft and swollen. This hominy mash can then be served as a porridge of sorts. Hominy remains a popular dish in the southern USA, served with gravy and meat as a vegetable. Hominy can, also, be used like a pudding with milk and sugar, or more truthfully with salt and butter.

Fried grits (hominy grits) is made by pressing hot grits into a loaf pan and grilling; this is a popular breakfast in the southern US. The heated grits are then sliced, fried in dripping and eaten with syrup. Grits are also eaten with red-eye gravy, another southern US dish, made from drippings of fried country ham.

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