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Heads are a large group of offal and include Pigs' Head, Calves' Heads, Sheeps' Heads and other parts from animals, as follows:

  • Pig's Head: this is used mainly in charcuterie, sausages and brawn. Pig's head is often boiled with the tongue and brain removed, or marinated.
  • Calves' Heads and Sheeps' Heads: these may be boned or left whole and are usually prepared by the butcher. These heads may be served whole, but are usually divided into pieces and served with a sauce.
  • Bath Chaps are the smoked cheeks of pigs. Bath chaps are usually boiled and eaten cold like ham.
  • Calves' Brains are the most popular and are served with black butter sauce and cooked in batter.
  • Pigs' Ears and Calves' Ears can be grilled or stuffed. In China, pigs' ears are cooked with spices.
  • Beef Tongue has an excellent flavour, coming fresh or salted. Salted tongue is used cooked, pressed and sliced cold. Fresh tongue is braised with wine, or boiled and served with garnishes.
  • Veal Tongues and Lamb Tongues are more tender but can similarly be salted and pressed.

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