Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua

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Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua Coffees run Costa Rican coffees a close second. Their coffees are very well balanced, with a touch more spiciness and aroma, and a little less acidity than Costa Rica and less nuttiness than Colombia. As a higher French Roast, they are unbeatable, developing an unmistakable smokiness. For example:

  • Guatemala: these have a heavy, full body with a decent acidity, with high-grown coffees being mild and mellow with a good fragrant aroma and aromatic taste.
  • Nicaraguan: these are rich coffees with a complex flavour profile, with hints of spice.

There are specialist coffees like the Maragogype. The Specie Maragogypie coffee bush was discovered by accident near the eponymous town in Bahia in north east Brazil. Apart from their exceptional size, these coffee beans adopt the flavour of the soil they grow in very well. The Guatemalan Maragogype coffee bean is Elephant in size, with a smoky, slightly spicy character and a great body, but must be French roast to develop its full potential.