French Mustard

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French Mustard comes in four types:

  • Dijon Mustard: Dijon mustard comes from Burgundy. Dijon mustard is paler than Bordeaux mustard, being made with dehusked brown mustard seeds. Dijon mustard is hotter than Bordeaux mustard. There are several varieties of Dijon mustard - plain variety, with green peppercorns or white wine. Dijon mustard should be used with foods that need lifting, such as steaks, burgers, beef. Dijon is also used in sauces like ravigote, rémoulade, Dijonnaise and Russian sauce.
  • Whole Seed Dijon Mustard: Whole seed mustards are Dijon mustards with whole seeds of brown mustard, so that biting into them gives a crunch and release a bit of hot pungent oil. Whole seed mustards are known as moutarde de meaux, There are many varieties of whole Dijon mustards: coarse mustard seeds with white wine, spices, vinegar and salt. Whole seed Dijon mustards should be used whenever a food needs enhancing.
  • Bordeaux Mustard: Bordeaux mustards contain the seed husk and are, therefore, quite dark, although they do vary in colour. Bordeaux mustards may contain a variety of herbs, especially tarragon, vinegar and sugar. Bordeaux mustards are mild with a sweet-sour taste like German mustards. They are good with cold meats and spicy sausages. Bordeaux mustard can also be used in salad dressings and is really good mixed with honey or brown sugar and lemon juice.
  • Florida Mustard: Florida mustard is made with wine from Champagne. Florida mustard is mild and has the same uses as Bordeaux mustard.

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