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Plain Flour
Self-Raising Flour

Wheat Flour comes in various grades, including:

  • Wholemeal Flour: this is flour that contains all its bran and germ. Wholemeal flour is more nutritious than white flour.
  • Brown Flour or Wheatmeal Flour: this is midway between white and wholemeal flours.
  • White Flour: this is wheat flour which has had its bran and wheatgerm removed. Sometimes white flour has synthetic minerals and vitamins added back into the flour to "enrich" it - calcium, iron, niacin, vitamin B1. White flours are further differentiated as:
  • Self-Raising Flour or Self-Rising Flour: flour that contains baking powder to enable it to raise without adding in a raising agent. Self-raising flour has a limited shelf life because moisture absorbed into the flour results in the baking powder reacting and so depleting its efficacy.

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