Editing Dos and Don'ts

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Ingredientia is an open, free community for those interested in food, drink and the ways things are made, a free cook's encylopedia. It is a place to explain, learn and debate these areas fairly and politely.

Writing should be as balanced as possible, and changes should be reversible. While it is difficult to completely exclude brands and well-known personalities this is not the place for hyping, so these should be used where they are necessary for the detail of the encyclopedia. Ingredientia hopes to evolve rather than revolutionise.

Further, there are places to discuss the more controversial aspects of food. For example, pâté de fois gras can be debated in the Food Discussions, whereas its entry as an ingredient is a statement of fact.

But overall, enjoy and play nicely.

So here are the core principles for editing in the land of Ingredientia:


In your writing and editing:

  • Be bold
  • Be original
  • Be honest
  • Be courteous, fair and respectful
  • Acknowledge and credit the work of others


In your writing and discussions:

  • Don't be rude
  • Don't be aggressive or hateful
  • Don't blatantly use this as a marketing exercise for yourself or a brand