Dill Seed

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Dill Seed is the spice from the better known dill herb and is important in Scandinavian, Russian, Greek and Turkish cuisine.

Dill seeds are the fruit of dill herb has two seeds, both of which are 4 - 5 mm long (¼ inch) and oval, however they usually split on processing so you normally only get half the fruit.

Dill seeds smell of caraway and have a robust flavour - full of anise character and a hint of caraway seeds.

Dill seeds are used in making pickles (i.e. dill pickles), potato dishes and in breads, especially rye breads in Scandinavia. They can be used as-is or dry roasted.

Dill seed is also great for easing an upset stomach or digestive problem, so next time you go overboard on rich, oily foods, try a warm cup of aromatic dill seed herbal tea.

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