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Dill Herb

Dill Herb, Dill Tips or Dill Tops are green, delicate feathery fronds. Dill herb is aromatic with a fresh, herby taste akin to parsley and a hint of anise. Dill herb has a strong personality and a well-rounded tang, but seems to enhance dishes rather than dominating them.

Fresh is best, but dried dill herb is pretty good as well. Either cut fresh from the garden or buy bunches that are fresh and bright. Wrap the bottom 5 cm in foil and put in a glass of water in the fridge.

Dill is excellent chopped onto cottage or cream cheese, in omelettes or scrambled egg, in green salads and has a natural affinity with fish, especially salmon whether cooked or cured in Gravlax. Other than with salmon, try fresh dill in cucumber salad or in the Greek classic spinach and feta filo pie, Spanokoppita.


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