Demerara Sugar

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Demerara Sugar

Demerara Sugar has large golden-brown crystals that are about 98% pure sucrose with 2% molasses - refined but with some goodness. If you find, London Demerara or similarly named versions, these are artificially made by adding molasses back into a white refined sugar, which could even be a beet sugar rather than from sugar cane.

Demerara sugar is crunchy, crumbly and caramel flavoured. Less moist than soft brown sugar and cheaper. Demerara sugar works well where butter and sugar are melted together as in flapjacks.

Demerara sugar gives a delicious crunch and caramel flavour to tray bakes, biscuits and flapjacks, crumbles and cheesecake bases. Also, demerara sugar is ideal sprinkled over porridge, yoghurt or cereals. Great for sweetening coffee.

In savoury foods, demerara sugar is good for glazing ham.

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