Cream Cheese

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Cream Cheese is made similarly to cottage cheese, but rather than skimmed milk it uses full cream milk. There are several types of cream cheese:

  • Double Cream Cheese" is made with 50% fat content;
  • Single Cream Cheese is made with 20-30% fat content;
  • American Cream Cheese is made with a hot cream-milk mix, where the curd is mechanically removed from the whey and often has a fat content of over 70%;
  • French Petit-Suisse Cheeses are small wrapped cheeses with 60-75% fat content. Demisel has a lower fat content at 40% and is salted as its name suggests.

In other parts of the world, there are different versions. In the Philippines, Kesong Puti and Surati Paneer of India are made from buffalo's milk. Sheep and goat's milk cheeses are made throughout the Middle East and are sold as Jupneh (Saudi Arabia) and variously as Lebbeneh or Labneh. In South America, cream cheeses include queso blanco, which is made from cow's or goat's milk.

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