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The copyright of the data on the Ingredientia wiki belongs to Ingredientia, which is ultimately owned by Steenbergs Limited, a company registered in England. Data that is incorporated into the Ingredientia wiki that remains hosted on other servers, e.g. a Youtube video, does not belong to Ingredientia and remains the property of the copyright owner.

Ingredientia provides all its data - text, images or sound - to other users under the Creative Commons license. It would be decent were you to acknowledge Ingredientia as the source of information or other data used from the site.

It is important that any contributors or editors of Ingredientia ensure that only information that is correctly provided is posted to the wiki. It must be your own work or appropriately licensed, with all sources correctly cited. If anyone believes that their copyright has been breached, please contact us and we will either remove the data or ensure it is rewritten in original wording or visual media is remade.


The trademark - Ingredientia - belongs to Steenbergs Limited, a company registered in England. Steenbergs affirms its rights to the use of this trademark for educational services in the field of food, drink and cookery. It has applied to the Intellectual Property Office in the UK to register the trade mark in classes 16, 41 and 43 (NICE Classification Codes).