Coconut Sugar

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Coconut Palm Sugar

Coconut Sugar or Coconut Palm Sugar is made from the liquid nectar from inside unhusked green coconuts, i.e. when unripe. This nectar is boiled down to get the palm sugar. Coconut palm sugar is a low GI sweetener with a GI of 35, compared to regular cane sugar which is typically GI 68. Coconut sugar offers a rich supply of minerals and B vitamins without being filtered, processed or bleached.

Coconut Sugar is light brown and moist. Coconut Sugar has a complex taste - rich butterscotch, caramel flavours and tastes less sweet than cane sugars like caster sugar or granulated sugar. Coconut sugar smells slightly molasses like with hints of coconut, and is a medium brown, medium crystal.

Use coconut sugar as an alternative sweetener in drinks, baking and desserts - in pumpkin pie or grilled fruits, in custards or whipped cream. Palm sugar has a low melt temperature and high burn temperature, so is ideally suited to everyday cooking needs.

A raw version of coconut palm sugar is jaggery.

Substitute: use whenever you might use muscovado sugar and vice versa.

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