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Chamomile is classic herbal tea. Chamomile is a natural relaxant, which is used to soothe the nerves. Chamomile brews a deep yellow infusion, with a characteristic aromatic flavour light and fruity reminiscent of apples. Taste: light, apple-like, slightly bitter.


  • Quantity: 2 heaped teaspoons (2½ g) per cup or person
  • Water temperature: 95oC (200oF)
  • Brew time: 8 - 10 minutes

Health Benefits


  1. Soothes digestive problems - digestion, diarrhoea, cramps and flatulence
  2. Offers moderate sedative and calming effects
  3. Soothes sore muscles when added to the bath
  4. Relieves irritated and sunburnt skin
  5. Is a great hair rinse for blonds

Further Reading

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