Anhui Province

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Anhui] is located south of the Yangxi Jiang river and renowned for its beautiful landscape. The teas from Anhui have a great flavour. Huangshan Mao Feng ("the downy point of the yellow mountain") is one of the best quality Mao Feng teas you will come across; it is produced at altitudes of 300 - 800 m (1000 - 2600 ft) in the mountains around Huangshan ("the yellow mountain"). The Anhui region has a temperate climate with a predominantly red soil that is rich in humus and iron. The climate and terroir enables the growers in Anhui to have a high quality production.

Anhui produces good quality black teas in the southwest of the province - this is the county of Qimen (or Keemun). Qimen is an extension of the Huangshan mountain. Here, there is an annual mean temperature of 15oC (60oF) and an annual rainfall of 1700 mm (67 in), which gives ideal growing conditions for teas. In this region of Anhui, Keemun and Tai Ping Hou Kui teas are grown.

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