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Anardana or Pomegranate Seeds are a spice used in Indian cuisine. Pomegranate molasses is a red-black, quite thick liquid that's used a lot in Middle Eastern cuisine. Then, there is the non-alcoholic drink grenadine, which is a tasty drink made from sweet pomegranates.

Anardana are the seeds from the unripe fruit, dried with the pulp still on the outside. Anardana are flat oval seeds about 8 mm (¼ inches) long, covered in a deep red pulp and a light coloured seed in the centre.

Pomegranate seeds, anardana, have little aroma, with a flavour that is slightly tart and tangy flavour, yet pleasantly fruity, and they have a crunchy texture.

Anardana is used to flavour curries and chutneys. Anardana goes into stuffings for savoury pastries and can be used to flavour chicken - anardana flavoured chicken. Anardana can be added dry to curried pulses and braised vegetable dishes. Anardana is less tangy than amchur and has a more subtle sweet-sour taste.

Either use the seeds whole or ground. To grind the pomegranate seeds, you need to use a pestle and mortar, because they are so sticky that they will clog up your grinder.

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