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Amchur, Amchoor or Green Mango Powder is an Indian spice used to add sourness to curries, but without adding any liquids.

Amchur powder comes from the dried unripe fruit of the mango tree - hence dried green mango powder and and derives its name from the Hindi and Urdu, where Am means mango and choor means powder [1].

Amchur has a warm aroma that has a tart fruitiness to it and a fizzy, tingly, acidic mouthfeel like a tart unripe apple that is fresh and lively with a certain acidity compared to the warming sweetness of a newly plucked ripe apple.

Amchur powder is used in curries, e.g. tandoori meats, vegetable dishes and in marinades for fish and poultry.

Substitutes: 1 teaspoon amchur powder for 3 tablespoons of lemon juice or for tamarind.

Nutritional Data

Energy Value 242 kCal / 1027 kJ
Fat 1.1
- saturates 0.5
- mono-unsaturates 0.3
- polyunsaturates n/a
Carbohydrate 54.7
- sugar 11.4
- polyols n/a
- starch n/a
Salt 0.2
Fibre 27.1
Protein 3.3

These can be compared to reference intakes, but these have not been shown in the table above, because they are not particularly useful for spices.


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