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Pizza Straight From Oven, Italy. Photo: Axel Steenberg.

Ingredientia is a wiki for cooks and foodies. Ingredientia is an encyclopaedia of practical information on food and drink. But it's not about brands or celebrity chefs, nor is it scientific or academic - think of it as an amateur's guide to food and drink, and a place for conversations about food and drink.

Ingredientia is a collective project. Ingredientia begins with the idea that "good food starts with good ingredients" and we are asking:

  • What does an ingredient look like?
  • What does it taste like?
  • How/when might I use it?

So things learnt from family and friends and by experience are more important than anything else. It is about the colour, smell and taste of red lentils rather than about its active ingredients or nutritional constituents. And the tarka dhal recipe that uses red lentils is an everyday one.

Places to Start

To connect with Ingredientia:

  • Use the search box
  • Go to:
  • Search the Index (in side column).

Development Progress

We're in the early stages of building Ingredientia. We had intended Ingredientia to be built like a classic wiki-site, but this did not work in the way we had hoped, so we are now developing it as a private wiki. We're currently working on spices, teas and flavourings in the ingredients section and adding detail and references to the molecular food section. Should anyone wish to help, we will consider individual requests to become editors on a case-by-case basis.